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My Beloved Anki

One of my Anki statistic

This post may be not protracted, so I think I should cut to the chase.

I used to use some websites to learn vocabulary such as Memrise, Vocabulary, or even Doulingo. But after a long time using them, I found that they didn’t live up to my expectation for I usually forget many abstract words. It was, however, not just their fault. I admit that I didn’t employ enough time in revising my vocabulary on them. But Anki is a totally diffenrent tool at the present.

Briefly, if with other learning English website, you are a user who take advantage of the available sources including pictures, sounds, definitions, examples, etc  to enrich your vocabulary, then with Anki, you have to add everything you need to make yourself remember the new words on your own.

At the first time I heard my brother telling me about Anki, I thought its idea is really absurd since Anki definitely takes its users too much time and effort to remember just a word, and even learn how get used to its system. Fortunately, studying with Anki nearly a month, I realize it’s surprisingly in harmony with my studying style and with the way I manage my time. For I actually can only add a few new words per day to my lists.

But anyway, I enjoy everytime I myself add a new word to it, bonus an unimaginably funny picture matching the word and even retype the example sentence extracted from my book for it. When studying with Anki, I step by step perceive the value of little-by-little learning. Sweeping away all the thought of studying in view of beating other people, I like the way I achive some little things everyday, for fun, for my continual existence.

Another funny thing is that I always get excited when looking at my Anki statistics, they are somewhat palpable but also full of mystery. Because I don’t exactly know what made up those inextricable lines and bars, how crazy!

I just go and see them day by day.