Roseate Sky

Red at Sundown Sketch by Lisa Grossman

On the way to the night class, I looked at the sky before my eyes. The sky was on the verge of ending its sunset. At that time the trees were just some silhouettes standing still on the background of sunset sky. And the sky dressed in an ombre roseate veil of light. Everything is tenderly and immediately captured by my eyes and my mind. I’m not sure with the latter, but I actually walked along that way with two eyes sticking to the roseate firmament. Just for a moment.

I’ve had my teacher help me with Maths after the school for two weeks. Every afternoon, after dinner, I leave my house and walk to hers. Most of the time on the way I think about how serious the predicament I’m facing is, or what about my feelings during the day, whether they are worse or better than those during the yesterday. But the moment I saw the roseate area which was like a fleecy scarf embracing my soul in the sky, I felt like my life would be somehow undulating though my fear of being solitude.

The more frequently I see every elaption of the time in my hometown, the dearer it becomes in my memory.


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