Bullet Journal

Taken by me

I don’t know why I still keep tangling my brain with the thoughts of organizing my life after all of the abandoned. To some degree, maybe I’m really that kind of person, a person who likes to make plans, to-do lists, goals and tends to do anything with intention and take advantage of everything.

Goofing around on the Internet in a day of boredom, once more time, the idea of reorganizing my life once again stirred my mind when I find out some articles and videos about a thing called bullet journal. People describe  it as a combination of diary and planner, so it’s obviously much more effective than ever.

Last night, I wrote out an outline for my  future bullet journal which I had my brother buy for me a few days ago. It’s kind of a perfect time to start this one but I am by no means sure because I know the expantancy of my bullet journal depends most on my self-discipline.

Lately, I’ve become more and more hestitant when buying everything but books. I’m afraid of abandoning them after a moment of madness. In terms of notebooks, clothings, or anything looking adorable at first, I just keep staring at them and convincing myself that I have nothing to do with them. Therefore, when my brother told me what I need to buy at that moment, I waited until a few days later to ask him to buy for me a dot grid book.

Yep, it would be a plain dot grid book, not a floral one like I thought before.


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